Telephone Interpreting Training (40 hours)

Our online SPANISH telephone interpreting training provides a live interpreting trainer who will walk you through all the stages of becoming an interpreter.

Module 1 - Introduction to Interpreting

Module 2 - Terminology & Note Taking

Module 3 -  Call Management and Practice


Simultaneous Interpreting Training (40 hours)

Our online simultaneous interpreting training provides a live interpreting trainer who will walk you through all the stages of becoming a simultaneous interpreter and how to work remote and inside a booth.

Module 1 - Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting

Module 2 - Technics and advance skills

Module 3 -  Scenario Management and Practice

A new group starts every two weeks, except during the holiday weeks.


Our in house ESL program consists of 10 modules and 60 lessons per module.

  • Duration - 45 minutes per lesson.

  • Levels - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.

Our Programs

English One (1 participant)

English Plus (max. 6 participants)

Business English One (1 participant)

Business English Plus (max. 6 participants)

The program covers all general or business aspects of English as a second language ideal for students looking to obtain more attention from the trainer versus the traditional 15-20 student classroom.


Is it your first time visiting a Spanish-speaking country? No worries! We will teach you whatever you need to know, regardless of your native language.


Our Spanish program is led by professional instructors who are 100% focused on the needs of our clients.


We have created the Bilingual Method in order to deliver the best English teaching solutions to our clients. Under this method, each class is given by a different teacher, which allows our instructors to specialize in certain topics and focus solely on the classes they teach.

Through interaction with a variety of professors, this method also exposes students to different accents, pronunciations and rates of speech, which makes for quicker, more efficient learning.

The Bilingual Method consists of three levels:

  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

We customize our language training programs to meet the needs of our clients. Our individual and group programs can be carried out at our facilities, in-house at the client´s office or home, or virtually. Scheduling is based on the availability of the client.



Our language proficiency test is a quick, efficient evaluation designed to measure reading, writing and speaking skills. The test is effective for hiring, training, and placing personnel in specific positions according to their abilities. It offers a competitive advantage to job searchers, especially those who are undertaking the difficult process of finding a job abroad, as it ensures employers that you have the language skills required to work in an international setting where the working language is not your native language. 

Our test is available for the following languages: English, English for the aviation sector, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, French and Spanish.


Business Translation

Legal Translations

Medical Translations

Life Science Translations

Marketing Translations

Website Translations

Mining Translations



In Person  Interpretation

Telephone Interpretation

Video Remote Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation



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