How to create SEO-friendly copy in a foreign language

If you want to grow your audience, it could be a great strategy to focus on a different language. Creating content in a foreign language can be quite a challenge though. In this post, I’ll discuss three ways to create content in a foreign language. I’ll also share some useful tips on how to write in a language that’s not your mother tongue. Multilingual keyword research SEO copywriting always starts with keyword research. Creating copy in a foreign language makes no exception to that rule. Jesse, our academy lead, wrote an awesome post in which he explains that creating copy in a foreign language could have large implications for your SEO. If you’re going to aim your content at a new foreign

Choosing Professional Voice-over Talents: Human Voice Can Really Make a Difference

A good-voice over is an essential prerequisite for a good video. The audio content plays the same crucial role as the visual input. Since all audiovisual components have an effect on the viewer, they are just sides of the same coin. Whereas for advertising and broadcasting ahuman voice is a must, on the flip side, many people think that for explanation videos, e-learning or IVR they can use a machine voice. Of course, using a machine will eventually cut the budget. However, what could the real costs of depriving a video of the naturalness of a real voice be? Let us get into the details about why it’s important to hire a professional voice-over. Human voice will: 1. Add Emotions and Expressio

Localization and Translation the Zen Way

Localization is not just translation The first thing to understand is that localization is more complicated process than a simple translation. Localization services are very popular and are provided by many individuals, agencies or even by software! When you have a project that needs to be translated into many target languages in the shortest possible time, you need someone who will help you to avoid possible pitfalls. As a project manager for these kinds of tasks, you must be equipped with a basic knowledge of the process and how it works, dependent on the language. It is important to adapt it to the functional, linguistic, and cultural requirements of the target market. For the resulting p

Por qué los emprendedores deben aprender inglés

Los idiomas ya no son un plus en la formación profesional sino que son una necesidad y el ámbito del emprendimiento no escapa a esta regla. Los empresarios emergentes están obligados a dominar el inglés para mantener la competitividad de su negocio en un mundo ampliamente globalizado que tiende cada vez más a la homogenización dentro de su segmentación por públicos. Te explicamos por qué los emprendedores deben aprender inglés para incrementar su potencial en el mercado. Clientes: Los consumidores de tus productos o servicios estarán mejor atendidos porque podrás resolver sus dudas al manejar un idioma generalizado. Inversores: Podrás conseguir fondos de empresarios extranjeros para desarrol

Subtitles: Don’t Spoil Them!

Subtitling is a form of art; by means of subtitles we can recreate and express both people’s voices and whole communicative contexts. As audiovisual products have reached a great amount of people by means of subtitles, subtitles have had a huge impact on society in the last years. What’s more, they’ve made it possible for us to access different sources of entertainment (movies, video games, and series). So, it’s very important to create them and to translate subtitles (if needed) as best as we can. Subtitling: Here you’ll find 10 things you should avoid when creating subtitles 1) Translating literally most of the content: Literal translation is applied wherever possible in subtitle creation,

Legend translation errors: how to avoid them?

In an increasingly globalized market, selling products in different countries has become the reality for contemporary businesses. Make a product, think of a marketing campaign and create a slogan. It seems simple, but when translation is involved, you can face problems. History shows us many examples of subtle translation errors. Not only advertising campaigns, but even companies’ slogans and product names have been translated in a way that sounds confusing and sometimes ridiculous in other languages. Almost all companies suffer from translation errors. Small companies and industrial giants can “boast” enough errors to make a cat laugh, but these mistranslations can lead to failures and big

If you value your privacy, be careful with online translation tools

Say you need a quick document translation. You choose an online tool, pick the language you want, copy your text, drop the text in, and presto! In moments you can read a version in your desired tongue. Great, right? It is great, but be careful not to make the same mistake made by Statoil, Norway’s state oil company. On Sept. 3, the Norwegian news agency NRK reported that sensitive Statoil information—contracts, workforce reduction plans, dismissal letters, and more—were available online because employees had used the free translation service, which stored the data in the cloud. The news traveled fast in Scandinavian countries. In response, the Oslo Stock Exchange even blocked e

8 Consejos para Mejorar tu Inglés de Negocios o Empresarial

Una de las claves fundamentales para mejorar tu currículum y poder crecer en el mundo empresarial es tener un buen nivel de inglés de negocios o business English, ya que esto puede abrirte muchas e interesantes puertas en el ámbito laboral. Cómo mejorar tu nivel de inglés de negocios Dominar el inglés de negocios puede suponer muchas ventajas a la hora de trabajar en una empresa multinacional, o también en instituciones que se dedican al comercio internacional, incluso en empresas turísticas, o en industrias y compañías que exportan al exterior. Son múltiples las opciones y todas ellas muy interesantes. Por eso, te dejamos a continuación 10 sencillos consejos que te ayudarán a mejorar tu niv


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